Fix our money, better our future.

A Nordic Cryptocurrency to secure and simplify our future economic system. Sending and receiving money should not be expensive or slow. We work with open source code that allows you to be involved and improve the communication and money of the future.

Nordic Crypto

A growing cryptocurrency from the Nordics, with the vision ensure Nordic excellence in development of secure systems and economic tools.


Kryptokrona adds value to the region as a robust decentralized payment and communication system. Securing our freedom as citizens.


Join a fast-growing community of developers and innovators connected all over the world. The project is open-source and maintained by the Community. You can for example make changes to this site, suggest awesome new features, or help us squash bugs. Not a developer? No worries, there's tons of things to do!

A response

Kryptokrona launched as an open-source alternative to a digital e-krona/e-krone and the growing cashless society in the Nordics.

No middleman

The Kryptokrona isn’t dependent on any central bank or server, thus less fragile than today's financial systems.


Here's a list of tools and apps being built, feel free to contribute or test it out! More.

Get rewarded

Become part of our thriving mining community and leverage your computer's processing power to validate transactions, boost network security, and generate a steady stream of income.

Be your own bank

Kryptokrona offers easy and safe ways to manage your money, helping you rely less on traditional banks and giving you more control over your financial life.

Communicate privately

Our blockchain-based messenger ensures secure, private, and encrypted peer-to-peer communication, keeping your sensitive data and personal information safe from prying eyes.


We wholeheartedly welcome contributors who share our passion for innovation, decentralization, and the desire to make a difference in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrency.


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