A decentralized private communication and payment system.

A Nordic Cryptocurrency to secure and simplify our future economic system. Sending and receiving money should not be expensive or slow. We work with open source code that allows you to be involved and improve the communication and money of the future.

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Nordic Crypto

A growing cryptocurrency from the Nordics, with the vision ensure Nordic excellence in development of secure systems and economic tools.


Kryptokrona adds value to the region as a robust decentralized payment and communication system. Securing our freedom as citizens.

Crypto Community

Strong local roots with an understanding of politics, culture & language. A feature that should not be underestimated.

A response

Kryptokrona launched as an open-source alternative to a digital e-krona/e-krone and the growing cashless society in the Nordics.

No middleman

The Kryptokrona isn’t dependent on any central bank or server, thus less fragile than today's financial systems.


The basics of Kryptokrona allow users to stay anonymous by default, to send value and data without being revealed or traced.

What is Kryptokrona?

Kryptokrona (XKR) Is a cryptocurrency which is private, quick, and optimized for nordic users.


To deliver a secure, private and fast alternative to fiat currency, such as the swedish crown.


To ensure Nordic excellence in development of secure systems and economic tools.

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kryptokrona mining

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Acquire Kryptokrona through mining

The easiest way to acquire Kryptokrona is to run a mining application on your computer.


Through what’s known as mining the network looks for Kryptokrona. This mechanism secures the network.


You are automatically rewarded by the network for your computer’s work

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kryptokrona mining

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