Money for the future

Kryptokrona exists to secure and simplify our future economic system. Sending and receiving money should not be expensive or slow. We work with open source code that allows you to be involved and improve the money of the future.

Kryptokrona is a decentralized blockchain based on CryptoNote, which forms the basis for Monero, among others. CryptoNote is a so-called “application layer” protocol further developed by TurtleCoin that enables things like: private transactions, messages and arbitrary data storage, completely decentralized.

On 2 April 2019, the platform was launched in part as a response to the Riksbank’s digital e-krona for the people’s right to create money and to safeguard the private economy without either commercial or store control.

Max Supply

1,000,000,000 XKR

Current Supply

418,191,475 XKR

GPU Mining Algorithm

We currently running on CryptoNight-Pico, which is a fairer algo than Bitcoin's SHA256 and can even be competently mined on ARM based phones!


Our network processes new transactions every 90 seconds, in comparison to Bitcoins 10 minute delay.


XKR transactions make use of ring signatures and stealth addresses to keep prying eyes off of your private transactions!


The Kryptokrona isn’t dependent on our central banks or servers, thus less fragile than todays financial systems.


Our network reduces the amount of new coins minted with every block, making for a drama-free emission.

💰 418,191,475 XKR





5.36 MH/s